Protecting your community and environment through biosolid drying and PFAS elimination

A midsize U.S. city (150k – 500k residents) can generate more than 100,000 wet tons of biosolid waste every year. While most never think about what happens once they flush the toilet, this becomes the main concern and job for our clients and the cities they serve.

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Protecting the Environment with Biosolid Processing

We Partner with Wastewater Facilities

Founded in 2019, Stircor saw the need for environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to the rising costs and increasing regulations municipal wastewater facilities are facing with respect to biosolid treatment and disposal. The EPA and state and local authorities are taking action to regulate and ensure PFAS are removed.

This is why we partner with wastewater facilities and their teams to understand your unique needs and how best to solve municipalities’ biosolid waste problems. We create safe solutions from flush to finish/sewage to steam.

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